Course Offered by the College for Day & Evening Section



The college offers the following courses leading to the Degree under the R.B.U. Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) in Painting, Applied Art (Graphic Design), Sculpture, Graphic Art(Print Making not Applied Art). Course duration 4 years(i.e. Eight Semesters) with specialization in Painting/ Sculpture/ Applied art( Graphic Design)/ Graphic art (Print Making not Applied Art).
This Eight Semester integrated course comprises of an initial one year Foundation Programme ( i.e. two semester ) introducing the students to all the four departments, developing basic skill and responses to his environment.The specialization programme of the next three years (i.e. 3x2 = 6     semesters) is however for developing and educating the student power of observation and visualization,  simultaneously with media-skill, without undermining his/her creativity in one specific area of             specialization. This is an Honours programme equivalent to Honours Degree courses  as per UGC     regulation and since 1996 the degree, Bachelor of Fine Arts is provided by Rabindra Bharati University.

B.F.A. Course ( Semester Basis )
The dept. of painting provides training in basic skills in various media like pencil, water color, gouache, oil acrylic and mixed applications in       systematic order distributed through six semester. Studies from figure with characters, proportion,  perspective, volume, etc. /studies from object life, nature and rapid sketching with special attention to the application of line, tone and color. The dept. also provides further         programmes for the development of conception in mass, texture, space, movement, composition, personal expression and skill of relating image to visual data with special emphasis on experimental work in comparative study and interrelating subjects, media and techniques.

APPLIED ART (Graphic Design)
The six semester programme of applied art is based on the study of life, nature, typography and study of design (traditional and modern). This programme also includes different publicity advertising and printing activity, such as Computer Graphic, Press Ad, Danglar, Poster, Illustration, Folder, Mag Ad, Lebel, Calendar, CD cover, Show card and Logo design. This programme is supplemented by kiosk, campaign     planning, various uses of photography and computer application design etc. with special emphasis on modes of modern techniques of  reproduction and utilization of mass media.

The programme of study  in sculpture distributed through six semester includes quick sketches, study-drawings from antique and life, animal and bird, nature, head in relief and round on paper and in clay composition in clay, plaster, cement, wood, stone, metal, fiber glass, plastic, and epoxy resin, development through different casting and direct processes. The laterpart of the programme emphasizes on the development of individual expression and creative uses of materials.

The Graphic Dept. registers their   six semester course-curriculum on study of life, nature, different categories of, lithograph, dry point, etching, aquatint, intaglio, calligraphy etc. relief stencil, e.g. serigraphy, paper making from rag pulp and vegetable fibers, dying and patterning of papers, paper relief and paper casts.

Note: For each semester, the total marks is distributed between internal assesment and  on end of semester exam which includes submission of  portfolio on works done throughout the semester.

Theory Courses
It is mandatory for each student to attend theory classes for  all eight semesters  include the study of history of art ( indian and western). The foundation course includes subjects like English, Bengali, Rabindra Charcha/ Tagore studies and Environment studies. In aech subject 20% of the marks is based on internal assesment and 80% on end of semester exam. For the final degree , almost 40% marks is distributed for theory.

B.F.A. Specialization course Honours papers:
Theory in Art: Paper I (History of Indian Art), Paper II (Historyof Western Art), Paper III (Methods & Materials)Practical Papers: Study & Drawing-IV, Composition-V Compulsory Papers: Environmental Studies, Tagore Studies/Rabindra CharchaElective Papers: Practical